What Our Clients Say


"I thank you for the exceptional service that Executive Connections has provided as we build a World Class leadership team for our WOFE in Shanghai. The quality of candidates provided has been truly outstanding and the cultural bridge that you have personally provided for me has been of tremendous value."

"You can trust Executive Connections to deliver results."

"Executive Connections has helped us to find top class executives efficiently as they understand our company culture and they only send us candidates which are commensurate with our company's needs."

"Executive Connections has been very helpful in recruiting and screening candidates for positions which would have been very difficult to fill without outside help. Their office is professional while providing personalized service. With associates located in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, they bring a unique combination of Western and Eastern cultural perspectives to the job search process. So their services are particularly helpful for Western companies seeking to recruit qualified associates in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has been a pleasure working with Executive Connections on several challenging projects."



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