Executive Director – Business Development
The successful candidate will report directly to the President of the Group, who is based in Saudi Arabia. In additional, he/she will have frequent interactions with the CEO of the bank ....more

Regional Quality Manager
Reporting to the Vice President of Merchandising, the Regional Quality Manager is responsible for Quality Assurance and Control with the task of developing and designing production, technical review and auditing ....more

Business Operations Director
The successful candidate will be responsible for set direction and allocate resources for the organization through the establishment of vision and strategy. Plan, develop and delegate the annual ....more

Assistant Sourcing Manager
Reporting to the Procurement Manager, the Assistant Sourcing Manager will coordinate and manage the process of sourcing, production, quality and timely shipment of the orders for Paper Magic Winter. He/She will ....more





Executive Connections Limited is a corporate match-maker, committed to placing outstanding candidates to fit the budgetary and business needs of our clients. We form highly valued partnerships with our clients and candidates, systematically identifying the needs and expectations of both parties. We assist our clients in satisfying their corporate goals and our candidates in their career objectives. Just as you are experts in your industry, Executive Connections is dedicated to providing an unparalleled executive recruitment service for senior positions in Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries.



How to improve your performance at interviews
The short time you spend at a job interview could have a dramatic effect on YOUR career prospects. It is therefore important that you perform well because no matter how good your career record is to-date, the employment interview remains an important step towards fulfillment of your ambitions. ....more

Interviewing Do's and Don't
The Do's: Preparation Precedes Success – Write a good job description. Read the resume and accompanying notes before the interview. Sometimes you will note discrepancies in the dates or gaps which require explanation. Think about the key factors that will make an employee successful in the job including both the technical skill sets and personality/ attitudes. ....more

China Employment Practice
Working hours: 8 hours a day, and 40 hours a week. Most factories open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Factories usually work 6 days a week and most offices work 5 days a week. Most service companies open from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. Public holidays: 10 days a year, specified as below. New Year 1 day Jan ....more



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